How To Prevent Your Pets From Getting Frequent Ticks

Ticks are not only painful for your dogs, but they are also very difficult to remove from the fur. These blood-sucking insects are extremely stubborn, and if left untreated for too long on your pet’s coat, it can lead to some serious damage.

One way to prevent it from happening time and again is to get the help of tick control services in Tucker frequently. Other than that, here are some other ways you can employ to prevent your dog from getting ticks.

Over-The-Counter Medications

There are oral medications available that kill ticks as well as fleas on your dog’s coat before they can do any serious harm. These are quite effective in keeping parasites at bay. They are mostly administered once a month for dogs.

Anti-tick Shampoo

If you do not want to use oral medicines, you can use anti-tick shampoos. These come with medicated solutions that kill ticks that come in close contact. However, the shampoos are slightly expensive. Moreover, it can be quite a task to get your dog to bathe.

In the case of anti-tick shampoos, you will need to repeat the process every two weeks for the product to keep working seamlessly.

Trim Your Garden

It is better to tackle the problem at its roots. If you have a backyard garden or a front lawn, make sure to keep it trimmed. Thick and overgrown bushes are the favorite spots for ticks and fleas to grow.

tick control services in Tucker

Your dog can still get ticks from outdoors when you take them for a walk or for litter. That is why, no matter the preventive measure, you will need to keep an eye out for any tick growth you can notice.

Your dog deserves all the love and care in the world, and it is your responsibility to keep them safe from the pain that ticks can cause. You can also go for products like tick collars, tick dips, tick powders, and sprays to prevent them from getting the parasite.